Fusing data across channels like never before


Seven West Media and RED believe in the power of smart data.

RED Fusion offers Seven West Media partners a powerful capability to grow their businesses. With a database of almost 4 million (and growing) identified individuals, we are able to leverage what we know about media consumption habits with brand buying behaviours. This allows RED Fusion to identify the most targeted and also newly identified audiences through the application of existing and new measurement tools. 

The assets are managed in a secure and safe environment through our partnership with Acxiom - making them directly accessible to our clients for database matching. 

Based on the needs of our clients, we can action immediate scheduling to target those relevant consumers in the most appropriate channel via traditional and automative delivery right across the full suite of SWM assets. This opportunity also extends beyond our assets into other below-the-line channels such as email. 

This data evolution promises to redefine how the media engages with clients in the future, as we are able to leverage data assets to better inform our advertising sales conversations, as we never have before. This includes the capability for us to match our data with that of our clients to enable the definition highly relevant and appropriate advertising across all our platforms.




Australia’s most effective optimisation tool for brand messaging and creative execution

Neuro-Insight is a tool exclusive to Seven West Media that uses brain-imaging technology to measure how the brain responds to communications.

With this expertise, RED develops and executes research projects for its partners, allowing them to adapt their advertising, branding and promotional activity to ensure maximum impact with their desired audience.

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Source: The RED Fusion database comprises data assets from across the SWM business including: magazine subscribers, competition entrants, app downloaders, online subscribers, etc. combined to create a single cross-platform tool rich in consumer insights