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Last updated 15 December 2015

Jetstar presented SWM with the challenge to improve perceptions of the Jetstar in-flight meals, in Series 6 of MKR. 

Jetstar took ownership of an entire episode of My Kitchen Rules where the MKR judges set the contestants the challenge to create a menu for Jetstar customers. Drasko & Bianca’s winning meal is now available on the Jetstar in-flight menu. 

Neuro Insights measured the effectiveness of the campaign and found that the in-program integration delivered 37.5% more engagement for the brand than Jetstar's retail TV ads. 

According to Liz McCarthy, Head of Marketing & Public Relations for Jetstar, “The Seven West Media and Jetstar partnership exceeded all expectations. The content created via the in-flight challenge was engaging, impactful, and has helped to shift perception of our in-flight services and food.” 

Julie Saunders, CSD Maxus “Months of preparation and work went into getting this sponsorship off the ground. The result was a logistical triumph and fantastic example of cooperation and collaboration from everyone at Jetstar, Maxus and Ch7”. 


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