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Last updated 26 May 2016

What is AncestryDNA? 

It is a saliva based DNA test that allows you to uncover your ethnic mix, discover distant relatives and find new details about your unique family history.

What did AncestryDNA want to achieve using The Morning Show Integrated Segments? 

Drive awareness of AncestryDNA and sales of the DNA kits during the promotion period. 

How did The Morning Show Integrated Segments contribute to AncestryDNA success?

  • 235% lift above average December 2015 daily sales.
  • Showed the TMS viewers the excitement Kylie & Larry got from receiving information that was of true value to them.

AncestryDNA have extended their campaign with an Integrated Segment on The Daily Edition and multiple commercial segments on The Morning Show.





Campaign by Seven Sales - Advertising Content team 

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